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Tooth Crowns - South Charlotte Dentistry

CEREC Crown Technology

Dental crown technology just keeps getting better and more affordable! Dr. James Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry offers so many excellent solutions for a broken or chipped tooth. There is no need to put off getting a tooth crown, dental implant, or crown repair anymore!

Our favorite dental crown technology right now is the CEREC Crown, sometimes referred to as the Same Day Crown. This digital tooth repair technology uses a computer scan to make an exact replacement tooth cap out of high performance polymer material. And it only takes about an hour!

As seen in this picture (below), after the patient's teeth are scanned digitally, the CEREC Machine mills the crown material down with incredible accuracy. The new tooth crown is then cemented and the patient is on their way. No temporary crowns, no messy molds or impressions, and practically pain free.
Cerec Crown Machine

Traditional Tooth Crown Technology

Same Day Crowns may not be appropriate for every situation so South Charlotte Dentistry also offers traditional porcelain dental crowns as well as gold dental crowns (sometimes referred to as gold dental caps). Dr. Wells and his staff have many years of experience restoring damaged teeth with traditional crowns porcelain and gold crowns. Their knowledge and experience assures that their patients have comfortable, well fitted crowns.

Dental Implants

Some of our patients may need dental implants instead of traditional dental crowns or Cerec Crowns. If, for example, a patient has a sliding lower denture that makes chewing or talking difficult, they may be a good candidate for a dental implant.

Dental implants are permanent, and remarkably comfortable compared to conventional dentures. These teeth replacements require the same dental cleaning, flossing, and brushing as your natural teeth.